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FO Media Converter External Power Supplies

Description :

    FO media converter external power supplies (2KM 1310nm SC Port 10/100m):
  • IEEE802.3/ u Ethernet supports two types media for network connection such as 10/100 Base-TX and 100Based-FX. The bridge media corner is designed with a switch controller and buffer memory that connects two types segments operation smoothly. This converter can be used as a standalone unit or as a slide-in module to the 19" converter rack (up to 10 units) for use at a central wiring closet.
  • SC single-mode S20/ S40/ S60 Km are optional, VF-45 , MT-RJ modes are available on request only.
  • Before starting installing the converter, verify that the package contains the following: the TP-Fiber converter, AC-DC power adapter, This user's manual.

Specification :

  • Standards: IEE802.33u 100Base-TX/ FX.
  • UTP cable: Cat.5e cable up to 100m.
  • Fiber cable: 50/ 125, 62.56/ 125, or 100/ 140um multi-mode, 8.3/ 125, 7/ 125, 9/ 125 or 10/ 125um single-mode.
  • LED indicators: POWER, FX LNK/ ACT, 100, TP LNK/ CAT, FED/ COL.
  • Flow control: IEEE802.3x compliant for full-duplex, back pressure flow control for half-duplex.
  • Power requirement: 1A@ + 5VDC.
  • Ambient temperature: 0óJ to 50óJ.
  • Humidity: 5óJ to 90óJ.
  • Dimensions: 40(H) x 110(W) x 140(D)mm, 31(H) x 130(W) x 161(D)mm.