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10 Pair Terminal Boxes (Available For STB Modules)

Description :

  • These are used in terminating cables of secondary telephone networks to the cable pairs of subscriber lines. The box consists of a body and cover, which house VX modules on a DIN rail.
  • Provision for wall mounting is incorporated in the body of the box. The CW VX modular connection system is used for making the connections and allows pairs to be selectively protected by the use of five-point plug in modules against overvoltages, overcurrents, and unwanted frequencies. The provision of a remote testing capability is another option.

Specification :

  • Protection & connection solutions for joining buried subscriber wires & drop wires.
  • Excellent weather resistance.
  • Protection of IP 54 according to IEC 60529.
  • Quick, secure and reliable connection.
  • Insulation Displacement ( IDC ) Type Connections.
  • Clear plastic housing to inspect the integrity of all wire connections.
  • Crocodile clamp earthings.