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Welcome to China SL Cable Manager Manufacturer and Supplier

SL is a leading manufacturer of high quality Cable Manager, who combined the manufacture, design, R&D of cable managers with advanced technology. SL Cable Manager is a crucial information technology equipment installation of properly dealing with electrical, data, and other cables. There are many ways to organize the cables. Applying a cable manager is one of the best way to keep track of which is which. Least but not last, you don't have to worry about your cables were bended around the corners and resulted in some mistakes.
As for our SL brand superiority, professional technical staff, and premium management, we never stop innovating, and improving generally cable managers to make ourselves more completive than others in the market of cable managers. We not only have modernized office facilities, research equipment and technical workshops, but also have high standard testing facilities and systematic solutions to provide excellent quality products and services to worldwide customers. Below is the gallery of cable managers. You could click through the images to find your ideal cable managers. Guaranteed by UL, ETL, CE, SL is firmly your single source for Cable Manager Manufacturer and Supplier.

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